Giving Back

Why community Outreach?

There is one thing that all SJ Innovation team members can agree on: we value supporting our community whenever it’s possible. As a team, we enjoy working together to help build a stronger generation of young children and rising college students alike. As a large majority of our employees reside in Bangladesh and India, we constantly try to extend a supporting hand for the communities that they grew up in and love wholeheartedly. 

As the job market is undoubtedly competitive in present industries, we have happily designed community outreach programs, such as LaunchPad and SJI Accelerate, to connect college students to the knowledge and required skill set for their desired industries. Informed students can lead to a more successful future generation, who can then help continue the cycle of strengthening the community. If our outreach programs make even the smallest positive difference in an aspiring student’s career, we would be happy to know we had a part in their success.


Giving Back Initiatives

At SJ Innovation we love being involved with community outreach as much as we can. We began an initiative called LaunchPAD as part of our community outreach with the aim of bridging the gap between universities and industry to raise awareness of specific technologies used in various fields. It’s common knowledge that the job market is notoriously difficult to enter straight out of university, with many graduates being rejected on the basis of lack of experience.  But how can experience be gained if no-one is offering them a job? The SJ Innovation team is filled with employees from all walks of life, coming from a range of experiences and qualifications to help in training new graduates. 

Our sessions were conducted in Universities in Goa and Bangladesh to a plethora of bright, young students. A majority of our employees have been with us for a considerable amount of time, gaining invaluable field experience along the way. This was extremely fruitful when presenting at the Universities as both the students and the SJ team could relate to each other. We created an open discourse about the disconnect between the university and working life, ensuring all the students felt free to ask as many questions as they needed. The sessions were successful in educating and guiding students as they adjusted into the mindset of working in the real world.

SJI Accelerate

Giving Back Initiatives

In today’s global competition in the job market, fresh graduates encounter challenges getting hired due to a “lack of experience.” This is an unfortunate truth in the post- college real world because it is understandably difficult to attain experience if no one wants to offer these students a job.

At SJ Innovation, our community outreach mantra includes the initiative to reduce the gap between university students and the impenetrable job industries. We execute this goal by welcoming college students around the world to attend small class sessions in the SJ office locations nearest to them. These classes focus on hard skills such as software engineering, or soft skills such as project management. 

Regardless of the sessions’ topic, students can walk out after program completion feeling a lot more confident regarding their industry’s workplace demands than when they first began.

Charity Events

Giving Back Initiatives

Annually we hold charity events across Goa, Dhaka, and Sylhet to both donate and raise awareness for those in need. Since a predominant part of the SJ Innovation team is from all three of those cities, it’s vital for us to give back to where we came from. The annual charity events are something that we look forward to all year and plan thoroughly to ensure the best outcome. However our involvement in charity isn’t reserved to once a year, we are constantly giving back to communities in different ways through our various community outreach projects. Whether our company consisted of 10 employees or 10,000, the charity will always be one of our main priorities.


Giving Back Initiatives

Webinars have become an integral part of our community outreach program. Since we can’t have physical venues and talk to our audience in person, we have taken things online. During the pandemic, we’ve conducted several webinars spanning a range of topics, from web design to a beginner’s guide to PHP. It’s important to us to ensure our webinars are accessible by as many people as possible and provide valuable knowledge they can apply to their lives. Each of our webinars is conducted by specialists in various topic areas to cover a broad spectrum of information. After each webinar, we love to ask for feedback and apply the improvements for future events planned. Participants often return after attending our webinar to ask questions and learn more.