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CONTENTSTACK is a headless CMS that pioneers a new way of producing incredible digital experiences! To fully understand CONTENTSTACK, tune into our Webinar on 24th June by front-end developers Razibur and Gazi and software engineer Partho. We hope to have all your CONTENTSTACK questions answered, see you there!

Webinar On Headless CMS

The Headless CMS is here to stay! After all, the platform will permanently impact the content management industry! How and why? To answer these questions and more, join Software Engineer, ‘Mushfiqur Rahman’ and Jr. Frontend Developer, ‘Sushmita Das’ as they talk about ‘Headless CMS’

AWS Serverless Beginners Guide

  1. Basics of AWS
  2. Account Creation
  3. Exploration of AWS services
    i. IAM 
    ii. Cloud watch
    iii. EC2
    iv. S3 Bucket
    v. Database
    vi. Auto-scaling/Load balancing
  4. Static hosting

HTML EMAIL Development Training

What will you learn?

  1. Getting started with Email development 
  2. Process of Email Development
  3. Learn to code HTML responsive email
  4. Different techniques you can use in email development
  5. Overview of Gmail, Apple, and Android email clients
  6. Tips and tricks of email development

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