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Hackathon 2021

HTML EMAIL Development Training

What will you learn?

  1. Getting started with Email development 
  2. Process of Email Development
  3. Learn to code HTML responsive email
  4. Different techniques you can use in email development
  5. Overview of Gmail, Apple, and Android email clients
  6. Tips and tricks of email development

AWS Serverless Webinar Series

Topics :

  • AWS general Introduction
  • AWS Serverless Introduction
  • AWS Serverless Implementation – hands on lab
  • AWS Serverless CICD/ with Amplify
  • AWS Serverless Architecture and Design – Basic
  • AWS Serverless- API Gateway
  • AWS Serverless- Lamda
  • AWS serverless- Databases
  • AWS serverless – Hands on lab with API Gateway, Lamda , Databases

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